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Kagamine Len Nendoroid

My Kagamine Len arrived in the post today! Len is one of the twins in the Vocaloid series. Apart from the figure, you get a set of 3 changeable faces (with 1 blank face); 1 ‘holding the electronic piano’ arm; 2 bent legs and an electronic piano. Stickers are included for you to customise the blank face.

My favourite expression!

My favourite expression!

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Good Smile’s Photo Competition

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that I had no university because of the unexpected, heavy slow. I took my newly acquired Konata Figma with me to the garden and snapped many shots and had lots of fun playing around and getting Konata wet. During the evening, I picked my favourite shots and changed bits around in Photoshop and entered the final photo in the Good Smile’s competition. Didn’t give much thoughts on it afterward. Below is the result of the day:

My entry for Good Smile's competition *^^*

My entry for Good Smile's competition *^^*

And… unexpectedly, yesterday night I remembered that the figure event was held today, so I checked Good Smile’s company website to look at everyone’s entries… And there it was, my photo in the ‘Figma top 50 section’…

I got through the first round vv~(゚∀゚)─ww!!!!!!!!!

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Digista – or Dijisuta – Status and Hapi

My Japanese teacher told us that NHK World (a Japanese channel) can be viewed through Sky on channel 516! I have watched it lots since. Most of the programs are in English – even news is reported in English, and it broadcasts mainly programs that aim to introduce Japanese culture to foreigners, so don’t expect Japanese dorama there ;;^^. Nevertheless it is still very nice to have something Japanese on TV!

Digista Ep 343 Summary

Digista Ep 343 Summary

Have you guys heard of the NHK program Digista? Digista invites artists from all over the world to submit their digital artwork (often video) through the net, in which they will be judged and commented by professionals in the industry. Episode 343 was aired yesterday and I was watching it as I was eating my breakfast. Found some of the video fascinating. The first video was titled “Status”, created by Taketo Shinkai. You can watch it here. It is a simple story where all the characters are numbers! I don’t think I can describe it very well by writing: you have to watch it to understand ;;^^. It’s interesting that the artist illustrates the fact that appearance is not everything (for example, no 7 turning into 1 by removing her make-up and no 8 turning into infinity) through using numbers only! Very creative indeed.

There is another video named “Hapi” by Hiroco Ichinose. You can watch it here. It is really good as well. Very very meaningful. The artist attempts to show the invisible barrier that is always present between couples. Even though they are living under the same roof and that they try to care for the other’s needs and insecurities as much as they can, it is incredibly difficult to break the barrier. I feel that this is really true. It’s never easy to be ‘one’ with your significant other, since human beings are individual entities after all. “To be together is to compromise with each other” is the message that I got from watching this video.

I am glad that I found Digista on NHK! Definitely a rare gem in my opinion! I can’t wait to see more next week ^^.

Lala February issue

Lala February issue! One of of my monthly needs.

Lala Feb issue

Lala Feb issue

Since many English  manga translation groups have probably translated the chapters from Lala already, I won’t go into much detail about the chapters themselves. Instead I will pick out some interesting observations! 1st off…

Princess Kurou and prince Nozomi~

Princess Kurou and prince Nozomi~

We have Nozomi carrying Kurou princess-style! This will be the cover for the new PSP game Haruka 3 + Haruka 3 Izayoiki. I was speechless when I saw this… and thought “Gosh Nozomi you are the best! Good for protecting hot-headed brotherly-complex easily-embarassed Kurou!” XDD. I have never liked Kurou much, but after seeing this picture, I realise why! It’s because he is sleeping beauty in disguise XDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is your favourite character in Haruka 3?

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Konata VS Giant Chocolate Cornet

I am sure that everyone in London who is into Japan stuffs would know about Japan Centre. For those who do not know, it is a small place in Piccadilly Circus consisting of a Japanese supermarket and a bookstore. The supermarket has a bakery and a take-away area. The bookstore has a range of updated magazines for sale, from fashion, anime to pop idols. I go there very often to look at magazines (they are really expensive) and buy random Japanese food.

So I went there yesterday afternoon and I discovered that they sell amazing chocolate cream cornet, just like the one from Lucky Star! I couldn’t resist so I bought one, even though it is a little overpriced ;;^^. It was very yum! At first I just wanted to take a bit, but I couldn’t resist finishing it up in one go! You can follow the instructions from here and make a chocolate cornet yourself!

Konta VS giant chocoloate cornet

Konta VS giant chocoloate cornet

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Vocaloid Kaito overload!

Kaito as stalker

Kaito from the Vocaloid series: the ultimate Miku stalker! (Miku X Kaito forever~)

I have fall deeply in love with characters from the Vocaloid series! In case anyone doesn’t know what I am on about, Vocaloid is an application that synthesize singing in Japanese or English. It uses prerecorded voices and by typing in the notes and adjusting the melody, you can create a song without you actually singing it! The application consists of a series of ‘anime characters’, with each representing a prerecorded voice. Currently, the characters available are: Miku Hatsune (the cute girl with green hair); Kagamine Rin and Len (the twin); Megurine Luka; Kaito and Meiko.

The company does not define the personality of the characters, which encourages fans to develop their personality by themselves XD! What’s more, the fans have associated a unqiue object to each character! Miku-chan has an obsession with leek; Kaito carries an ice-lolly around; Kagamine Rin and Len have their run-over truck; Meiko with her bottle of sake (Japanese wine) and Megurine Luka with her tuna (her item is not defined yet: she was only released at the end of last month).  They have developed a strong fan-base due to all the MV published in nico-nico and youtube! Are you into any of the Vocaloid character?

Watch Kaito sings and witness the whackyness ^__^!

In the video, it shows a giant bucket custard pudding! And it actually exists in RL! If it were not that costly I would love to try it out. Don’t you just want to dig in with that big spoon?


(Image taken from Rakuten)

A new beginning!


キタキタキタ~~~~~~~~~~ vv~(゚∀゚)─ww

I have decided to start a new blog! I have been blogging since 2004 at LiveJournal. At the end of 2005, I started university and my life has been turned upside-down by the tremendous amount of work involved. Since then, I only updated my blog once or twice every year. With the recent discovery of this amazing blog by Danny, coupled with the fact that I really miss ranting about my fandoms, I have decided to blog properly again!

What is 26 Hours?

26 Hours is a blog based on all things Otome, including Otome games; Shoujo manga and anime. Occasionally I will rant about fashion, cute figures, Japan and life in general as a student in the UK.

About Me

Known as Chiyochi/Stef on the net. A 22 year-old student at a UK university. From Hong Kong but resided in the UK for more than ten years. Love playing games, watching Japanese drama and anime, reading and traveling.

皆さんこれからはよろしく ^^.


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