Kuroshitsuji Opera

The opera, adapted from the manga Kuroshitsuji, will commerce on 28th May. More information available here.


Not very excited by the news because I have never liked lives/shows/musical adapted from manga and anime. It just looks a little surreal seeing my favourite characters in 3-D *too addicted to 2-D world to realise that she is actually in a 3-D world*, and most of the time the characters’ 3-D counterparts do not meet my expectations. This one is no exception… Sebastian looks a little like a vampire and his hair is combed too neatly. Ciel should be younger and more delicate.  Most importantly I just don’t feel the moeness looking at Sebastian and Ciel together! They should have done a more tempting pose XD;;!


I have not watched the anime but I am following the manga. From what I have read so far (up to Volume 4) I don’t think the story is amazing: it’s a little slow and some of the themes depicted are disturbing. Nevertheless Sebastian is too gorgeous for me not to follow! Are you following Kuroshitsuji’s manga or/and anime?

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1 Response to “Kuroshitsuji Opera”

  1. 1 engetsurin May 15, 2009 at 2:11 am

    wow i find it cool since i like kuroshitsuji :) anyway thanks for sharing the info :)

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