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Garnet Cradle – Saariya’s Ending

A little review before I head off to to Japan… Began working on this post since last month, will finish it off after I am back!

Finished Garnet Cradle completely today! It took me more than eight hours to get Sou’s ending, then I skip-play Touya, Rihito and Kiichirou’s routes because I really really wanted to see Saariya’s endings! Will rant about Saariya’s route in this post (Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, don’t proceed if you haven’t obtained Saariya’s good ending yet!).


Saariya’s Route

From the first encounter, Saariya has always acted unpleasantly around the protagonist. He threatened to kill her if she denied that she was not the holy Miko; dragged her to his bedroom and restrained her from escaping. During his route, he was cold towards the protagonist (well the fact that the protagonist fought back did not help much XD;;) and towards the end, he tried to keep a distance from her by forbidding anyone from entering his castle.

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Off to Japan / Hong Kong!

Sorry for the lack of update in the past month! I have been working very hard on my dissertation – the final final thing that I have to do to end my four years course! It was interesting, maybe a little painful towards the end, but at least it’s done! I am off today evening for my one month graduation trip to Japan and then to Hong Kong for another month. Will be back in the beginning of September and spam you guys with many unnecessary pictures! Have a good summer everyone and see you all soon ^__^!


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