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Lala November issue

Bought the November issue of Lala last Thursday after work. Have been so busy with training that I didn’t manage to read it properly until today ;;^^.


Love the front cover! It is rare to see Tsukimori-kun smiling so earnestly with his violin! It would be better if Kao-chan is on there blushing at his cute expression~


Absolutely adore the front cover of the new PSP game Haruka 3 – Unmei no labyrinth (at the top right hand corner)! As for the game itself, there will be new events and new CGs and an original UMD video for the Treasure Box. I wonder what the video is about… The Treasure box will contain the game itself; a photo album; special drama CD; original UMD video; special UMD case and a keyring within a box. I don’t think I will get it because I still haven’t started the PS2 version of this game: just don’t have a lot of interest in it I guess ;;^^. The game will be out on 22 October.

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Japanese Desserts

Have you tried Japanese dessert before? I have stuffed myself with Japanese desserts during my one month travel in Japan and I must say if you were to go to Japan, you must try them!


Traditionally, Japanese snacks and desserts were shaped to reflect the season. For example, in Spring they would be shaped as Sakura and in Autumn they would be shaped as Autumn leaves. They are often made with tea; sweet flour; azuki paste (red-bean paste); nuts; sugar and the fruits of the season. Japanese people like to eat their beautifully decorated snacks with their green tea, while admiring the view of their zen-garden and becoming one with nature.

Nowadays, it is harder to find traditional Japanese desserts: many of them are tailored to suit the preference of the younger generation as well as tourists. That doesn’t mean that they are not good! In fact, there is a wider variety available!

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La corda d’oro 3

I just found out that La corda d’oro 3 will be released next year! The seiyuu cast will remain the same, but the characters and the story will be altered completely. The new story will take place eight years after La corda d’oro 1 and 2. Unlike the previous games, the protagonist will be living in a dorm with the male characters!



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Loot from Japan and Hong Kong!

A portion of my loot from Japan/Hong Kong!



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Anime Calendars

Came back after two months of rest, and realised that the stats has reached over 7000 already! Thanks everyone for visiting! Moreover, there are so many news on new releases of Otome games, so will need to catch up quickly. Now I am back so should be posting regularly again.


Was browsing for 2010 calendars on animate! Most of them is released from mid-October. I love buying anime calendars: for a cheap price, you get poster-size of eight or nine new illustrations. After the year has ended, you can cut the images out and make them into posters!

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