Japanese Desserts

Have you tried Japanese dessert before? I have stuffed myself with Japanese desserts during my one month travel in Japan and I must say if you were to go to Japan, you must try them!


Traditionally, Japanese snacks and desserts were shaped to reflect the season. For example, in Spring they would be shaped as Sakura and in Autumn they would be shaped as Autumn leaves. They are often made with tea; sweet flour; azuki paste (red-bean paste); nuts; sugar and the fruits of the season. Japanese people like to eat their beautifully decorated snacks with their green tea, while admiring the view of their zen-garden and becoming one with nature.

Nowadays, it is harder to find traditional Japanese desserts: many of them are tailored to suit the preference of the younger generation as well as tourists. That doesn’t mean that they are not good! In fact, there is a wider variety available!


During my trip, I have tried green-tea parfait with green-tea cake; green-tea cream; chestnut; green-tea ice-cream and dumplings at Saryou Tsuriji in Kyoto. I am a green-tea maniac therefore I absolutely adore the green-tea parfait! It has everything that I ever want in a dessert!


Another amazing dessert that I had at Saryou Tsuriji is green-tea shaved ice. It contains green-tea ice-cream; shaved ice; azuki beans and a side dish of dumplings and wheat tea. It is heaven to eat this on a hot summer day!



Had more shaved ice for dessert in Kurokawa Onsen near Kumamoto. The first one is milky shaved ice with grapes; azuki beans and cream! The second one is again a green-tea shaved ice ;;^^. We had them after visiting an onsen (hot-spring) . We were feeling relaxed and warm so the shaved ice was perfect to cool us down!


Above is cold jelly with azuki beans soaked in sweet green-tea with wheat tea. We had it in Uji, which is famous for producing green-tea.  I bought many green-tea related goods at Uji… Will have a post dedicated to Uji sometime soon.


Lastly, green-tea ice-cream sprinkled with green-tea powder! I love the creamy texture of the ice-cream and the rich aroma of green-tea! Totemo oishkata!

I am longing for some green-tea dessert to indulge in while I watch Reborn! Would you like to try some Japanese dessert?

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