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Garnet Cradle sugary sparkle *_*

My favourite Otome game for 2009: Garnet Cradle, will release a fan-disc for the end of this year!

According to the official website, the protagonist is trapped in a transparent crystal as a punishment for the princes’ sinful acts. To save the protagonist, they have to complete the one and only Christmas tree that is left in the world. If they were to fail, the protagonist would be trap forever in the crystal…

The story sounds a little weird, hopefully I didn’t read/translate anything wrongly ;;^^. I am very looking forward to it! Saariya with fluffy ears *hearts*: he looks so soft and cuddly! Touyo looks pretty cool too with his Chinese clothes, love the eagle embroidery! Will update again when more information is available.

New Gameplay Scenes Released for La corda d’oro 3

Fami released some new screen-shots of the gameplay of La corda d’oro 3! They look quite good but… I miss everyone in the previous La corda d’oro! The backgrounds are not as good from the previous games and the characters just look… so out of place for some reason. Why is Wakaouji sensei with a Tsukimori look-alike?! More screen-shots after the cut.

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Real broadcasting of Otome gameplay?

Discovered yesterday and have been watching it since. You can watch live broadcasts of people playing games on there, which is nice to have when you feel like gaming but your brain is too dead to play ;;^^.

Watching Kingdom Hearts II as I update~

Have been watching people playing Final Fantasy 12 and Persona 3! Completed Persona 3 a long time ago but now I am playing again on the PSP, this time as a female protagonist. Hopefully will get Akihiko-senpai later on in the game XD. Half-way through FF12: will try to crunch down more next weekend. Are you into JRPG?

Thinking whether I should set up my own channel to broadcast some real gameplay of Otome games. Would anyone be interested watching me play? Probably it wouldn’t be as excited as watching someone playing RPG… If I were to set one up, I could only setup live broadcast from my PSP or PC. I should be able to broadcast on some weekdays at around 9-11pm UK time (GMT). Give me a shout if you are interested ^^!

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story released 2010

Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 3rd Story will be released next year for the DS! Yay for skinship~ We are back at Habataki academy seven years after TMGS 1. So far only the details of three characters have been released.

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