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Hakuoki, Durarara and Baka Light novels

Playing Hakuoki on PSP at the moment! It is a famous and really well-made Otome game and I have always had interest in it, but never got around to it until now! Bishie; vampires and Shinsengumi all combined into one! What more can I ask for XD;;?

The story looks promising so far! You can read more on Harari. I am at the point where the protagonist found out that the members of the Shinsengumi had to take a special drug as an order from higher up, which makes them lust for blood and gradually lose their mind, but in return they gain incredible strength. I am aiming for Hijikata for my first attempt.

Apart from the PS2 and PSP version, the DS version will be out in March! Have you played Hakuoki before? Which character should I go for next?

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