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February Purchase!

February AGC-related purchase! Bought Kuroshitsuji volume 7 and Vampire Knight volume 11, both in Chinese; Lala April issue and Durarara novels volume 1 to 3 in Chinese.

The front cover of Lala is of La corda d’oro 3! Kisaragi Brothers love *o*! I haven’t bought the game yet: spent too much this month on ACG goods (Hakuouki bath salts, Hakuouki figures, Hetalia plush, Final Fantasy 13 etc) so I will have to wait until next month. Wasn’t looking forward to it at first, but after reading that Fami gave it a rating of 8/8/9/9 (Platinum), Koei must have created a solid game worth playing! I like Kyouya and Arata the best from first impression. Probably will chase Kyouya on my first attempt~

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Hakuouki – Souji’s Route

Finished two routes in Hakuouki so far – Souji’s and Saito’s. Initially I was aiming for Hijikata but I changed my mind after hearing Souji’s soft voice and seeing his half-exposed chest along the way…! It was too tempting… During Souji’s route, I became more interested in Saito thus I went for him after Souji… Will go for Hijikata next ;;^^! (Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, don’t proceed if you do not want to see the CGs and read rants on the storyline!)

Souji *o*


Hakuouki is based around the time when Japan was experiencing internal conflicts with regards to whether it should open for international trades or to close off completely. In the end, the government had no choice but to open the country due to international pressure. Many patriotic Japanese did not want that so they formed extremist groups aiming to overthrow the government. As a response, the government set up a group of police named Shinsengumi, whose main responsibilities were to keep Kyoto safe and to restrain active extremist groups.

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Ka… Kawaiiiiii! Hakuouki One-Coin Figures


Found out a bit too late! But still before HLJ’s pre-order deadline yay~

Definitely a must get for me! Even if I haven’t played the game, I would still buy since they are just too cute to resist *_*. Kotobukiya produce really good figures: bought Hetalia One-Coin figure (Japan) from them and he is so kawaii!!! I am sure that Hakuouki figures won’t disappoint!

You can pre-order on cdjapan and HLJ. Grab them before the deadline (Feb 8)!



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