February Purchase!

February AGC-related purchase! Bought Kuroshitsuji volume 7 and Vampire Knight volume 11, both in Chinese; Lala April issue and Durarara novels volume 1 to 3 in Chinese.

The front cover of Lala is of La corda d’oro 3! Kisaragi Brothers love *o*! I haven’t bought the game yet: spent too much this month on ACG goods (Hakuouki bath salts, Hakuouki figures, Hetalia plush, Final Fantasy 13 etc) so I will have to wait until next month. Wasn’t looking forward to it at first, but after reading that Fami gave it a rating of 8/8/9/9 (Platinum), Koei must have created a solid game worth playing! I like Kyouya and Arata the best from first impression. Probably will chase Kyouya on my first attempt~

My Durarara novels! Half-way through volume 1 at the moment. I fell into this pit-hole after watching the anime so I had to read the original ;;^^. Glad that there is a Chinese version of the novels to make them easier to read. I would recommend them if you want to know more about the characters (provided that you know Japanese or Chinese).

Back to stalking Hijikata-san in Hakuouki XD;;!

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