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La corda d’oro Goods from Neoromance Festa 11

I want to fly over to Japan now so that  I can attend Neoromance Festa 11 and buy La corda d’oro goods that I don’t need but desperately WANT! Unfortunately the following goods are only available in the event. The only way I can get my hand on them is via expensive Japanese auction…

First up – La corda d’oro aroma lamp:

La corda d'oro aroma lamp

It comes with twelve small bottles of essence oils of different flavours, one for each character. I suppose that there is a bowl inside the lamp for you to pour the oil in and the heat will vaporise the oil to give off a nice aroma. I guess Koei wants to brainwash the fans more into the La corda d’oro characters by smell! Although I wouldn’t mind that at all! I really want to know what Kaji’s oil (named Princess Bouquet) and Kiriya’s oil (named Ocean Breeze) smell like…! More information on the lamp here. It’s yours for 12,500 yen (approximately $140) – so expensive for a lamp!

For something less expensive, La corda d’oro concentrated perfum is available for 2000 yen (approximately $22):

La corda d'oro concentrated perfum

Each flavour is associated with a chase-able male character in the game! The previous perfume must have sold well for Koei to release a similar product. For me, it is difficult to resist getting characters’ goods if I really like them! In a way, I buy to support the character ;:XD (despite knowing that the companies just want to squash money from fans).

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Hakuouki Bath Salt – Toudou Heisuke

Final Fantasy 13 and the guidebook arrived last Tuesday hence the lack of update! Mid-way through – on Chapter 8 at the moment. At the rate I am playing, it will probably take me a week or so for me to finish the story. Enjoying it so much that I don’t want it to end!

My Hakuouki bath salts arrived last Friday! Ordered them two weeks ago from Animaxis. They were a little slow but they packaged my items very well, with bubble-wrap over my bath salts and a cardboard used as a support (the usual over the top Japanese packaging ;;^^).

There is a bath salt set for every chase-able male characters in Hakuouki. Each comes with a different flavour:

  • Hijikata Toshizou – Cherry Blossom
  • Okita Souji – Aloe
  • Saitou Hajime – Lavender
  • Toudou Heisuke – Jasmine
  • Harada Sanosuke – Yuzu
  • Kazama Chikage – Camellia

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More ACG-related Randomness (and Hakuouki X Durarara = Awesomeness)

Want to write a little about life before my next review post, which will probably be on Hakuouki (surprise surprise ;;^^): either Hijikata’s route or Saito’s route. I am enjoying Hijikata’s route a lot! Didn’t think that I would like it that much because he treats the protagonist like a child (well he is 28 and he acts older than his age), but after the mid-way point you get to see his strength and his manliness as he struggles to support Shinsengumi. It is hard to not fall for him from that point onwards! It doesn’t help that he is so pretty too…

Found an amazing fan-made video of Durarara X Hakuouki! Two of my favourite series together, love it *_*~

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ACG-related Randomness after Work

Had to go to work for a bit yesterday afternoon. When I left the office, a bus passed by with big Final Fantasy 13 posters stuck on both sides! Had to take a picture of it with my awful camera on my iPhone before the bus drove away!

Excuse the bad quality @_@

I am very looking forward to FF13! Some people complained that the story and gameplay are linear, but this is good for me because I am too lazy to use my brain after work and during weekends ;;^^. Can’t wait till Tuesday evening! Are you looking forward to FF13?

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Arcobaleno – First Impression

Crunching down Acrobaleno on the PSP slowly! I am not far into the game yet (just finished my first cooking exam). Still I have the urge to write an introduction and a brief first-impression report before I start chasing Kaname!


The protagonist is a 18 year old studying in a specialised cooking school. She ran away from home ten years ago. Just before she collapsed from hunger, a young chef offered her some spaghetti alla pescatora. She could never forget the taste of that dish! She began to admire him and vowed to become a chef specialising in Italian dishes.

Everyone gathers for dinner at Acrobaleno!

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Animate – Wanted March goods!

What do you do when you are an Otaku; you have some money but no time to go to Japan to buy ACG goods? You browse the animate shop online; drool at the goodies and maybe arrange for a carrier to ship them to you (despite the high cost and the trouble). Since I have been to the animate shop in Ikebukuro before (you can refer to my previous post for more details), I miss it when I have the urge to spend ;;XD. Lately, I have been browsing its website and checking what goods are out~

Want item no 1: Kawaii Hakuouki plush!

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Natsume Takahashi Figure from ALTAIR

Remember how I was moaning about the lack of Natsume’s merchandise a year ago? The lovely people in ALTAIR has announced the pre-order of the figure Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou!

Love Natsume’s expression! It looks exactly like the way he smiles in the anime… brings back that ‘curing’ feeling~ Moreover, the embroidery on his outer layer of clothing is painted so beautifully! This is a must get for me *_*!

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