ACG-related Randomness after Work

Had to go to work for a bit yesterday afternoon. When I left the office, a bus passed by with big Final Fantasy 13 posters stuck on both sides! Had to take a picture of it with my awful camera on my iPhone before the bus drove away!

Excuse the bad quality @_@

I am very looking forward to FF13! Some people complained that the story and gameplay are linear, but this is good for me because I am too lazy to use my brain after work and during weekends ;;^^. Can’t wait till Tuesday evening! Are you looking forward to FF13?

After work, I shopped for clothes and had a vanilla cream puff at Beard Papa! Beard Papa is similar to Krispy Kreme, but instead of making doughnuts, it does cream puff of all flavours. It is originated in Japan and it has opened many stores around the world, such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and New York. I was pleasantly surprised to find one at Central London yesterday! Have to get one to remind myself of the summer back in Japan~


More information on Beard Papa in the video below.

Have you tried Beard Papa’s cream puff before?

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1 Response to “ACG-related Randomness after Work”

  1. 1 Keo March 7, 2010 at 8:21 pm

    >< I've played some of FF13 and have to really agree about the too linear part.

    However I'll be getting it too this Tuesday the English version xD so I'm quite excited as well~

    Ahhh Beard Papa xD I've tried there here in SF and it's really good, although I only go there on rare occasions.

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