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Tokyo Kawaii TV!

Do you like Japanese fashion? Yes? Then I would highly recommend you Tokyo Kawaii TV!

Take me to Tokyo!

Official English link for the show here. This weekly program is all about Japanese fashion for girls, made by girls! It is presented by the ultra cute singer and actress Beni and the very handsome and CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY HE DOES NOT LOOK 40+ ojii-san-like Ikki Sawamura. I think they make a great combo! Beni is trendy and young, whereas Ikki looks cool and is up for the show, but he knows NOTHING about fashion and often makes a fool out of himself! He makes perverted jokes and says things that are inappropriate.. just like an ojii-san ;;^^.

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Hakuouki Bath Salt – Hijikata Toshizou & Saito Hajime

Used Hijikata’s and Saito bath salts last week. Each packet comes with a sticker and two separate packs of bath salts. The sticker is printed with the line that the character is supposed to say before you go to a mixed-sex onsen with them *nose-bleeds*!

Mixed-sex onsen is not something of the past: we still get them nowadays! All the onsen hotels I have stayed in before contain mixed-sex onsen! I DID NOT want to go to one at all! If Souji were to come with me then that would be a different story XDD;;.

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Hakuouki – Hijikata’s Route

As promised, I present to you my long rant review on Hijikata’s route! Background on the game in my previous post here (Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, don’t proceed if you do not want to see the CGs and read rant on the storyline!).

About Hijikata

Hijikata is the deputy leader of Shinsengumi. Along with the leader (Kondou), they manage daily tasks, plan and execute battles and represent the interest of the whole of Shinsengumi. Since he is the one who makes the big decisions for the team, he is more calm, rational and mature than the rest of the Shinsengumi members. However, as the story progresses and Shinsengumi’s fall becomes imminent, Hijikata loses his cool. With the protagonist’s help, he manages to stay strong and maintain Shinsengumi to the best of his ability.

He is responsible, friendly and honest (maybe a little too honest at times): the perfect man to merry in my opinion! His prettiness exceeds all bishies in the game and he is often used in adverts to pull more fangirls into the franchise… ;;^^

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Catching up with Life after the Holiday

March flew by so quickly! From mid March to the end of March, my friends came over and I took them around London and Rome. Travelling was more exhausting than work because you have to be focussed from morning till late evening. After they have left, I went back to work and I needed time to readjust myself to pressure and weekend work. Now I have caught up with life once again – I promise that I will start updating regularly again ;;^^. To start off, some photos from my trip!

Salami and spinach pizza with A LOT of cheese!

St Peter Basilica - one of the grandest buildings I have seen!

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