Catching up with Life after the Holiday

March flew by so quickly! From mid March to the end of March, my friends came over and I took them around London and Rome. Travelling was more exhausting than work because you have to be focussed from morning till late evening. After they have left, I went back to work and I needed time to readjust myself to pressure and weekend work. Now I have caught up with life once again – I promise that I will start updating regularly again ;;^^. To start off, some photos from my trip!

Salami and spinach pizza with A LOT of cheese!

St Peter Basilica - one of the grandest buildings I have seen!

Inside St Peter Basilica

"The School of Athens" - adore all the art in the Vatican!

Trevi Fountain - went there three times for the whole trip

Game-wise, I have finished the routes of the three main characters in Hakuouki: Souji, Saito and Hijikata. I have heard that in Hakuouki, the first character who you chase tend to be your favourite character, no matter who you chase afterwards. This is true for me. Souji is still my favourite but both Hijikata and Saito are really close ;;XD! All three routes were good, with each route giving the player a different experience since the characters are so different from each other. An analogy would be having a kingdom ruled by Hakuouki characters! Hijikata would be the king: responsible, mature and fatherly-like. Saito would be the protective, loyal knight and Souji  would be the strong, bad-mouth and sometimes childish prince! Wouldn’t it be cool to have some sort of fan-disc with all the characters in a fairy-tale setting, similar to the Garnet Cradle fan-disc?

Watched Hakuouki anime episode one and two! The animation is surprisingly good! It can’t really compare to the quality of the game (you can’t really with Yone Kazuki’s art ;;^^), but it is good enough. It follows Hijikata’s route in the game (he is the male lead after all), so if you want to know what happens in the game without playing it, watch the anime! The story progresses rapidly: episode two ended with the start of Ikedaya Jiken. Does anyone know how many episodes will be released this season?

Hijikata (aka the black-hair beauty) is used again to attract fangirls ;;XD

Moving away from Hakuouki but would probably come back to it absent-mindedly later, slowly crunching my way through Arcobaleno and started on Vitamin Z today. Mid-way through Kaname’s ending in Arcobaleno and just past the prologue in Vitamin Z. Similar to the Alice series by Quinrose, Vitamin Z is unconventional and wacky! The characters are SO sarcastic that it makes me laugh while playing it XD;;! I am looking forward to playing more of it! It is definitely a good break from Hakuouki’s seriousness!

Wacky characters and nice art, just my type of game~

Will take a bath now then work on the summary of Hijikata’s route~ Stay tune!

Images from Hakuouki Anime’s Official Site and VitaminZ’s Official Site.

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