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Animate – Wanted March goods!

What do you do when you are an Otaku; you have some money but no time to go to Japan to buy ACG goods? You browse the animate shop online; drool at the goodies and maybe arrange for a carrier to ship them to you (despite the high cost and the trouble). Since I have been to the animate shop in Ikebukuro before (you can refer to my previous post for more details), I miss it when I have the urge to spend ;;XD. Lately, I have been browsing its website and checking what goods are out~

Want item no 1: Kawaii Hakuouki plush!

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Natsume Takahashi Figure from ALTAIR

Remember how I was moaning about the lack of Natsume’s merchandise a year ago? The lovely people in ALTAIR has announced the pre-order of the figure Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou!

Love Natsume’s expression! It looks exactly like the way he smiles in the anime… brings back that ‘curing’ feeling~ Moreover, the embroidery on his outer layer of clothing is painted so beautifully! This is a must get for me *_*!

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Ka… Kawaiiiiii! Hakuouki One-Coin Figures


Found out a bit too late! But still before HLJ’s pre-order deadline yay~

Definitely a must get for me! Even if I haven’t played the game, I would still buy since they are just too cute to resist *_*. Kotobukiya produce really good figures: bought Hetalia One-Coin figure (Japan) from them and he is so kawaii!!! I am sure that Hakuouki figures won’t disappoint!

You can pre-order on cdjapan and HLJ. Grab them before the deadline (Feb 8)!


Loot from Japan and Hong Kong!

A portion of my loot from Japan/Hong Kong!



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The pain of no internet…!

I am back from Japan but not back from Hong Kong yet! I still do not have internet at home so it might take a little while before I could reply to your messages. My holiday has been great so far: managed to spend a lot of money on anime pencil boards and… well… more anime pencil boards ;;XD. I just couldn’t resist getting them! Also spent quite a lot on figures and Nendoriod and manga and clothes and make-up and camera stuffs… very unhealthy for wallet! I have been reading Hetalia Axis Powers and falling in love with the cute baby version of Italy! Haven’t watched the anime yet so will need to catch up after I am back. Is the anime any good?

Hope that everyone is having a brilliant summer so far! Will spam 26 Hours after I am back for sure~

Where the Otakuness shows

Some photos to commemorate my last revision week ever (hopefully) in my life: my messy desk! It’s filled with revision notes but you can see my Otakuness displaying through figures, posters, pencil case and cushion XD;;. Can you see my little Hinoe corner? I was ecstatic when I knew that he was going to be made into a figure! Purchased him right away and costed me a leg and an arm. Hopefully will stock up on more figures soon because I just can’t get enough! Have been eyeing the Hatsune Miku ~The World is Mine~ figure and Sebastian Nendoroid for some time! Do you have any figures on your wishlist?


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Kagamine Len Nendoroid

My Kagamine Len arrived in the post today! Len is one of the twins in the Vocaloid series. Apart from the figure, you get a set of 3 changeable faces (with 1 blank face); 1 ‘holding the electronic piano’ arm; 2 bent legs and an electronic piano. Stickers are included for you to customise the blank face.

My favourite expression!

My favourite expression!

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