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ACG-related Randomness after Work

Had to go to work for a bit yesterday afternoon. When I left the office, a bus passed by with big Final Fantasy 13 posters stuck on both sides! Had to take a picture of it with my awful camera on my iPhone before the bus drove away!

Excuse the bad quality @_@

I am very looking forward to FF13! Some people complained that the story and gameplay are linear, but this is good for me because I am too lazy to use my brain after work and during weekends ;;^^. Can’t wait till Tuesday evening! Are you looking forward to FF13?

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Japanese Desserts

Have you tried Japanese dessert before? I have stuffed myself with Japanese desserts during my one month travel in Japan and I must say if you were to go to Japan, you must try them!


Traditionally, Japanese snacks and desserts were shaped to reflect the season. For example, in Spring they would be shaped as Sakura and in Autumn they would be shaped as Autumn leaves. They are often made with tea; sweet flour; azuki paste (red-bean paste); nuts; sugar and the fruits of the season. Japanese people like to eat their beautifully decorated snacks with their green tea, while admiring the view of their zen-garden and becoming one with nature.

Nowadays, it is harder to find traditional Japanese desserts: many of them are tailored to suit the preference of the younger generation as well as tourists. That doesn’t mean that they are not good! In fact, there is a wider variety available!

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Making sushi

Sushi is perhaps the only dish that I can make perfectly! Made some maki and California sushi a week ago with random fillings (sausage/crab stick/tuna mayo).

Sushi Close-up

Not many people know this I believe: the secret to perfect sushi rice is to mix the rice with Japanese rice vinegar and sugar. Not salt. You don’t have to add in exact amounts! Just stir them in well and sample the taste every now and then and add more sugar or vinegar if necessary. You should aim to have sushi rice that is a little stronger in flavour than your liking.

Sushi close-up top

A good thing about sushi is that you can have any fillings you like. Since rice goes with most things, as long as you don’t add something out of the ordinary, the sushi should turn out to be delicious!

Len with sushi 01

My favourite fillings include tuna mayo, avacado, sausage, pickled carrot and raw fish. It’s hard for us to get fresh fish so I have never made sushi with raw fish before. Back in Hong Kong, we don’t usually make sushi because good sushi can be found easily and there is a huge variety available. In the UK, however, it’s a completely different story although it is getting better. How’s the sushi in your area?


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