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Real broadcasting of Otome gameplay?

Discovered yesterday and have been watching it since. You can watch live broadcasts of people playing games on there, which is nice to have when you feel like gaming but your brain is too dead to play ;;^^.

Watching Kingdom Hearts II as I update~

Have been watching people playing Final Fantasy 12 and Persona 3! Completed Persona 3 a long time ago but now I am playing again on the PSP, this time as a female protagonist. Hopefully will get Akihiko-senpai later on in the game XD. Half-way through FF12: will try to crunch down more next weekend. Are you into JRPG?

Thinking whether I should set up my own channel to broadcast some real gameplay of Otome games. Would anyone be interested watching me play? Probably it wouldn’t be as excited as watching someone playing RPG… If I were to set one up, I could only setup live broadcast from my PSP or PC. I should be able to broadcast on some weekdays at around 9-11pm UK time (GMT). Give me a shout if you are interested ^^!

Tokimeki Memorial GS Hairgel and Underwear Commercials!

Found some very funny Tokimeki Memorial GS video on nico-nico and could not resist the urge to share! First up we have the Tokimeki cast trying to persuade fans to buy Gatsby hairgel:


Teru cosplaying as Takuya Kimura!

Teru cosplaying as Takuya Kimura!

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Thank you for 1000 Hits!

Thank you everyone for 1000 hits! ありがとう皆さん m(-_-)m!


Please excuse my poor attempt to create the word 1000 ;;^^

26 Hours reached 1000 hits on Thursday 21 May! Went out to buy some cakes on that afternoon at Harrods to celebrate but didn’t have time to take proper photos until today. I hope that it will reach 10,000 soon so I will have another excuse to eat yummy cakes XDDD!

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Tokimeki Metal Gear Girl’s Side?!

Who wants to try out Tokimeki Metal Gear Girl’s Side 1st Mission? I would love to date whack chop Snake any time!

"If I am with you, the night view of Manhatten is not so bad."

"If I am with you, the night view of Manhatten is not so bad." (@___@)

Snake as Hazuki!

Snake as Kei... *dies*

Just in case that you haven’t noticed yet and are getting excited, this game does not exist and it is not in development either XD;;. Images from Gelbooru.

Spice! and RIP=RELEASE

My current favourite Vocaloid song: Spice! by Kagamine Len. A very very very sexy song involving jealousy and a little incest between Rin and Len! I am not pro incest but I love Len here: so cool and naughty and dangerously cute!

Love Ruka’s RIP=RELEASE as well! Her voice suits the song very well.

Do you follow Vocaloid’s music? What’s your favourite song?

Good Smile’s Photo Competition

A couple of weeks ago, I found out that I had no university because of the unexpected, heavy slow. I took my newly acquired Konata Figma with me to the garden and snapped many shots and had lots of fun playing around and getting Konata wet. During the evening, I picked my favourite shots and changed bits around in Photoshop and entered the final photo in the Good Smile’s competition. Didn’t give much thoughts on it afterward. Below is the result of the day:

My entry for Good Smile's competition *^^*

My entry for Good Smile's competition *^^*

And… unexpectedly, yesterday night I remembered that the figure event was held today, so I checked Good Smile’s company website to look at everyone’s entries… And there it was, my photo in the ‘Figma top 50 section’…

I got through the first round vv~(゚∀゚)─ww!!!!!!!!!

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Digista – or Dijisuta – Status and Hapi

My Japanese teacher told us that NHK World (a Japanese channel) can be viewed through Sky on channel 516! I have watched it lots since. Most of the programs are in English – even news is reported in English, and it broadcasts mainly programs that aim to introduce Japanese culture to foreigners, so don’t expect Japanese dorama there ;;^^. Nevertheless it is still very nice to have something Japanese on TV!

Digista Ep 343 Summary

Digista Ep 343 Summary

Have you guys heard of the NHK program Digista? Digista invites artists from all over the world to submit their digital artwork (often video) through the net, in which they will be judged and commented by professionals in the industry. Episode 343 was aired yesterday and I was watching it as I was eating my breakfast. Found some of the video fascinating. The first video was titled “Status”, created by Taketo Shinkai. You can watch it here. It is a simple story where all the characters are numbers! I don’t think I can describe it very well by writing: you have to watch it to understand ;;^^. It’s interesting that the artist illustrates the fact that appearance is not everything (for example, no 7 turning into 1 by removing her make-up and no 8 turning into infinity) through using numbers only! Very creative indeed.

There is another video named “Hapi” by Hiroco Ichinose. You can watch it here. It is really good as well. Very very meaningful. The artist attempts to show the invisible barrier that is always present between couples. Even though they are living under the same roof and that they try to care for the other’s needs and insecurities as much as they can, it is incredibly difficult to break the barrier. I feel that this is really true. It’s never easy to be ‘one’ with your significant other, since human beings are individual entities after all. “To be together is to compromise with each other” is the message that I got from watching this video.

I am glad that I found Digista on NHK! Definitely a rare gem in my opinion! I can’t wait to see more next week ^^.


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