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February Purchase!

February AGC-related purchase! Bought Kuroshitsuji volume 7 and Vampire Knight volume 11, both in Chinese; Lala April issue and Durarara novels volume 1 to 3 in Chinese.

The front cover of Lala is of La corda d’oro 3! Kisaragi Brothers love *o*! I haven’t bought the game yet: spent too much this month on ACG goods (Hakuouki bath salts, Hakuouki figures, Hetalia plush, Final Fantasy 13 etc) so I will have to wait until next month. Wasn’t looking forward to it at first, but after reading that Fami gave it a rating of 8/8/9/9 (Platinum), Koei must have created a solid game worth playing! I like Kyouya and Arata the best from first impression. Probably will chase Kyouya on my first attempt~

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Lala November issue

Bought the November issue of Lala last Thursday after work. Have been so busy with training that I didn’t manage to read it properly until today ;;^^.


Love the front cover! It is rare to see Tsukimori-kun smiling so earnestly with his violin! It would be better if Kao-chan is on there blushing at his cute expression~


Absolutely adore the front cover of the new PSP game Haruka 3 – Unmei no labyrinth (at the top right hand corner)! As for the game itself, there will be new events and new CGs and an original UMD video for the Treasure Box. I wonder what the video is about… The Treasure box will contain the game itself; a photo album; special drama CD; original UMD video; special UMD case and a keyring within a box. I don’t think I will get it because I still haven’t started the PS2 version of this game: just don’t have a lot of interest in it I guess ;;^^. The game will be out on 22 October.

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La corda d’oro 2f Encore PSP released in August

La corda d’oro 2F Encore PSP version will be released in August (´∀`)(´∀`)!


La corda d’oro 2f Encore reads the save from La corda d’oro 2f and begins the game with the protagonist already in a relationship with one of the bishies. I haven’t finished La corda d’oro 2f on the PS2 so I never got around to Encore, but with the PSP I can play any time I want! Got the new bishie Kiriya-kun’s ending recently and he was very cute, thus I want to continue Kiriya-kun’s route on Encore!!! And that half-naked picture of him is tempting me *dies*.

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Otome Road – Female-orientated Akihabara

Have you heard of Otome Road? It is located in Ikebukuro and consists of dense groupings of shops that sell anime, doujinshi, manga and other related merchandises tailored for female Otaku. Provided that you are a female Otaku, if you drop by to Tokyo you should definitely pay a visit! You will be amazed at the number and the variety of items that the shop stack! I remember the first time I visited Otome Road very clearly. I was touched to see all the goodies that I wanted and more in one place! So touched that I had teary eyes while I was shopping there ;;^^.


Since we can’t be there in person now, why don’t we take a virtual tour?

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Kuroshitsuji Opera

The opera, adapted from the manga Kuroshitsuji, will commerce on 28th May. More information available here.


Not very excited by the news because I have never liked lives/shows/musical adapted from manga and anime. It just looks a little surreal seeing my favourite characters in 3-D *too addicted to 2-D world to realise that she is actually in a 3-D world*, and most of the time the characters’ 3-D counterparts do not meet my expectations. This one is no exception… Sebastian looks a little like a vampire and his hair is combed too neatly. Ciel should be younger and more delicate.  Most importantly I just don’t feel the moeness looking at Sebastian and Ciel together! They should have done a more tempting pose XD;;!

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Harukanaru toki no naka de 3 special chapter (from Lala May)

To celebrate the release of Haruka 3 for the PSP (which was out last month), a special chapter was published in Lala May issue and it is SO. MUCH. LOVE. Apart from Nozomi, Hakuryu and the Hachiyou,Tomomori, Shirogane and even Yasuhira made a appearance! We get to see…

Shirogane and Yasuhira’s gag! Shirogane is so cute~


Masaomi ending up with tamago (sweet Japanese egg) rather than pudding although he was making a pudding, again so adorable~



Tomomori (o*o*)o~~~

Tomomori (o*o*)o~~~

So the story this time is centred on Yuzuru’s amazing tamago pudding. It was so delicious that rumours of it spread from one person to the next and its name and description change as the rumours are being passed around. I adore light-hearted Haruka 3 stories! And an all-cast story too with droolable nose-bleedable Tomomori! What more can I ask for?

Trying my best to get Hinoe’s endings once again on the PSP, but I am stuck… Are you playing Haruka 3 by any chance?

Lala February issue

Lala February issue! One of of my monthly needs.

Lala Feb issue

Lala Feb issue

Since many English  manga translation groups have probably translated the chapters from Lala already, I won’t go into much detail about the chapters themselves. Instead I will pick out some interesting observations! 1st off…

Princess Kurou and prince Nozomi~

Princess Kurou and prince Nozomi~

We have Nozomi carrying Kurou princess-style! This will be the cover for the new PSP game Haruka 3 + Haruka 3 Izayoiki. I was speechless when I saw this… and thought “Gosh Nozomi you are the best! Good for protecting hot-headed brotherly-complex easily-embarassed Kurou!” XDD. I have never liked Kurou much, but after seeing this picture, I realise why! It’s because he is sleeping beauty in disguise XDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who is your favourite character in Haruka 3?

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