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Seiyuu Feeding our Fantansies

Have you listened to drama CDs that involve seiyuu interacting with the listener? They are one of my personal favourites! It makes me melt to hear my favourite seiyuu saying things that most guys would never have the courage to say XD;;. Will discuss some of the recent series in this post.

Starry Sky


The Starry Sky series by Honeybee is a big thing for seiyuu lovers and Otome games’ fans right now. It features twelve male characters, with each representing a star-sign and voiced by a top notch seiyuu cast. A drama CD for each character along with three Otome games are scheduled for release in 2009.

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Spice! and RIP=RELEASE

My current favourite Vocaloid song: Spice! by Kagamine Len. A very very very sexy song involving jealousy and a little incest between Rin and Len! I am not pro incest but I love Len here: so cool and naughty and dangerously cute!

Love Ruka’s RIP=RELEASE as well! Her voice suits the song very well.

Do you follow Vocaloid’s music? What’s your favourite song?


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