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Hakuouki Reimeiroku and Paper-Based Loot from Japan

I went to Japan at the beginning of October this year and I bought a lot of not needed, but much loved goodies! First part of my loot begins here…

Paper-based loot from Japan!

In comparison to my previous visit, I did not buy as many anime-related goodies. A break-down of the paper-based loot above:

- Vampire Knight Artbook
– Hakuouki Clear Folders
– Hakuouki – Okita Souji Key-ring
– Hakuouki – Okita Souji Stickers (yes I am Okita obsessed *__*)
– Hakuouki – Saito Hajime Bag Holder
– Hetalia Axis Powers Poster
– Durarara Poster
– Dengeki Girl’s Style October issue

The Dengeki Girl’s Style magazine came with a special booklet, packed with information on the new Hakuouki game (Hakuouki Reimeiroku)! I am not sure whether anyone is playing the game or has played it already… If you have, how do you find it?

Hijikata is too pretty... *_*

From a quick browse through the booklet,  the game is set before the previous games and the protagonist is a guy named Ibuki Ryuunosuke. The story follows that Ryuunosuke’s mother intended for him to become a samurai, thus he had a very strict upbringing. This led him to dislike samurai in general. After his mother had passed away, he travelled to Kyoto aimlessly. On the way, he got mugged and beaten up (why is he so weak when he had received proper samurai training!?); got rescued by someone who belongs to a ‘aspire-to-be samurai’s’ group and was forced to tag along with them. The group is somehow linked with the Shinsengumi and that is how the protagonist gets all close and personal with our favourite bishies! Some screenshots from the booklet after the cut.

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Hakuoki, Durarara and Baka Light novels

Playing Hakuoki on PSP at the moment! It is a famous and really well-made Otome game and I have always had interest in it, but never got around to it until now! Bishie; vampires and Shinsengumi all combined into one! What more can I ask for XD;;?

The story looks promising so far! You can read more on Harari. I am at the point where the protagonist found out that the members of the Shinsengumi had to take a special drug as an order from higher up, which makes them lust for blood and gradually lose their mind, but in return they gain incredible strength. I am aiming for Hijikata for my first attempt.

Apart from the PS2 and PSP version, the DS version will be out in March! Have you played Hakuoki before? Which character should I go for next?

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Loot from Japan and Hong Kong!

A portion of my loot from Japan/Hong Kong!



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Otome Road – Female-orientated Akihabara

Have you heard of Otome Road? It is located in Ikebukuro and consists of dense groupings of shops that sell anime, doujinshi, manga and other related merchandises tailored for female Otaku. Provided that you are a female Otaku, if you drop by to Tokyo you should definitely pay a visit! You will be amazed at the number and the variety of items that the shop stack! I remember the first time I visited Otome Road very clearly. I was touched to see all the goodies that I wanted and more in one place! So touched that I had teary eyes while I was shopping there ;;^^.


Since we can’t be there in person now, why don’t we take a virtual tour?

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Kuroshitsuji Opera

The opera, adapted from the manga Kuroshitsuji, will commerce on 28th May. More information available here.


Not very excited by the news because I have never liked lives/shows/musical adapted from manga and anime. It just looks a little surreal seeing my favourite characters in 3-D *too addicted to 2-D world to realise that she is actually in a 3-D world*, and most of the time the characters’ 3-D counterparts do not meet my expectations. This one is no exception… Sebastian looks a little like a vampire and his hair is combed too neatly. Ciel should be younger and more delicate.  Most importantly I just don’t feel the moeness looking at Sebastian and Ciel together! They should have done a more tempting pose XD;;!

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Watching Higashi no Eden

Started to watch Higashi no Eden today. Was planning to watch one episode only because I have much work to get through, but failed miserably and ended up crunching down all the episodes released so far ;;^^. A summary of the story from Wikipedia here.


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