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Natsume Takahashi Figure from ALTAIR

Remember how I was moaning about the lack of Natsume’s merchandise a year ago? The lovely people in ALTAIR has announced the pre-order of the figure Natsume from Natsume Yuujinchou!

Love Natsume’s expression! It looks exactly like the way he smiles in the anime… brings back that ‘curing’ feeling~ Moreover, the embroidery on his outer layer of clothing is painted so beautifully! This is a must get for me *_*!

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Ka… Kawaiiiiii! Hakuouki One-Coin Figures


Found out a bit too late! But still before HLJ’s pre-order deadline yay~

Definitely a must get for me! Even if I haven’t played the game, I would still buy since they are just too cute to resist *_*. Kotobukiya produce really good figures: bought Hetalia One-Coin figure (Japan) from them and he is so kawaii!!! I am sure that Hakuouki figures won’t disappoint!

You can pre-order on cdjapan and HLJ. Grab them before the deadline (Feb 8)!


Loot from Japan and Hong Kong!

A portion of my loot from Japan/Hong Kong!



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