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Animate – Wanted March goods!

What do you do when you are an Otaku; you have some money but no time to go to Japan to buy ACG goods? You browse the animate shop online; drool at the goodies and maybe arrange for a carrier to ship them to you (despite the high cost and the trouble). Since I have been to the animate shop in Ikebukuro before (you can refer to my previous post for more details), I miss it when I have the urge to spend ;;XD. Lately, I have been browsing its website and checking what goods are out~

Want item no 1: Kawaii Hakuouki plush!

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Tokimeki Memorial GS Hairgel and Underwear Commercials!

Found some very funny Tokimeki Memorial GS video on nico-nico and could not resist the urge to share! First up we have the Tokimeki cast trying to persuade fans to buy Gatsby hairgel:


Teru cosplaying as Takuya Kimura!

Teru cosplaying as Takuya Kimura!

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