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La corda d’oro Goods from Neoromance Festa 11

I want to fly over to Japan now so that  I can attend Neoromance Festa 11 and buy La corda d’oro goods that I don’t need but desperately WANT! Unfortunately the following goods are only available in the event. The only way I can get my hand on them is via expensive Japanese auction…

First up – La corda d’oro aroma lamp:

La corda d'oro aroma lamp

It comes with twelve small bottles of essence oils of different flavours, one for each character. I suppose that there is a bowl inside the lamp for you to pour the oil in and the heat will vaporise the oil to give off a nice aroma. I guess Koei wants to brainwash the fans more into the La corda d’oro characters by smell! Although I wouldn’t mind that at all! I really want to know what Kaji’s oil (named Princess Bouquet) and Kiriya’s oil (named Ocean Breeze) smell like…! More information on the lamp here. It’s yours for 12,500 yen (approximately $140) – so expensive for a lamp!

For something less expensive, La corda d’oro concentrated perfum is available for 2000 yen (approximately $22):

La corda d'oro concentrated perfum

Each flavour is associated with a chase-able male character in the game! The previous perfume must have sold well for Koei to release a similar product. For me, it is difficult to resist getting characters’ goods if I really like them! In a way, I buy to support the character ;:XD (despite knowing that the companies just want to squash money from fans).

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