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Hakuouki Bath Salt – Hijikata Toshizou & Saito Hajime

Used Hijikata’s and Saito bath salts last week. Each packet comes with a sticker and two separate packs of bath salts. The sticker is printed with the line that the character is supposed to say before you go to a mixed-sex onsen with them *nose-bleeds*!

Mixed-sex onsen is not something of the past: we still get them nowadays! All the onsen hotels I have stayed in before contain mixed-sex onsen! I DID NOT want to go to one at all! If Souji were to come with me then that would be a different story XDD;;.

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Hakuouki – Hijikata’s Route

As promised, I present to you my long rant review on Hijikata’s route! Background on the game in my previous post here (Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, don’t proceed if you do not want to see the CGs and read rant on the storyline!).

About Hijikata

Hijikata is the deputy leader of Shinsengumi. Along with the leader (Kondou), they manage daily tasks, plan and execute battles and represent the interest of the whole of Shinsengumi. Since he is the one who makes the big decisions for the team, he is more calm, rational and mature than the rest of the Shinsengumi members. However, as the story progresses and Shinsengumi’s fall becomes imminent, Hijikata loses his cool. With the protagonist’s help, he manages to stay strong and maintain Shinsengumi to the best of his ability.

He is responsible, friendly and honest (maybe a little too honest at times): the perfect man to merry in my opinion! His prettiness exceeds all bishies in the game and he is often used in adverts to pull more fangirls into the franchise… ;;^^

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Hakuouki Bath Salt – Toudou Heisuke

Final Fantasy 13 and the guidebook arrived last Tuesday hence the lack of update! Mid-way through – on Chapter 8 at the moment. At the rate I am playing, it will probably take me a week or so for me to finish the story. Enjoying it so much that I don’t want it to end!

My Hakuouki bath salts arrived last Friday! Ordered them two weeks ago from Animaxis. They were a little slow but they packaged my items very well, with bubble-wrap over my bath salts and a cardboard used as a support (the usual over the top Japanese packaging ;;^^).

There is a bath salt set for every chase-able male characters in Hakuouki. Each comes with a different flavour:

  • Hijikata Toshizou – Cherry Blossom
  • Okita Souji – Aloe
  • Saitou Hajime – Lavender
  • Toudou Heisuke – Jasmine
  • Harada Sanosuke – Yuzu
  • Kazama Chikage – Camellia

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Arcobaleno – First Impression

Crunching down Acrobaleno on the PSP slowly! I am not far into the game yet (just finished my first cooking exam). Still I have the urge to write an introduction and a brief first-impression report before I start chasing Kaname!


The protagonist is a 18 year old studying in a specialised cooking school. She ran away from home ten years ago. Just before she collapsed from hunger, a young chef offered her some spaghetti alla pescatora. She could never forget the taste of that dish! She began to admire him and vowed to become a chef specialising in Italian dishes.

Everyone gathers for dinner at Acrobaleno!

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Hakuouki – Souji’s Route

Finished two routes in Hakuouki so far – Souji’s and Saito’s. Initially I was aiming for Hijikata but I changed my mind after hearing Souji’s soft voice and seeing his half-exposed chest along the way…! It was too tempting… During Souji’s route, I became more interested in Saito thus I went for him after Souji… Will go for Hijikata next ;;^^! (Warning: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD, don’t proceed if you do not want to see the CGs and read rants on the storyline!)

Souji *o*


Hakuouki is based around the time when Japan was experiencing internal conflicts with regards to whether it should open for international trades or to close off completely. In the end, the government had no choice but to open the country due to international pressure. Many patriotic Japanese did not want that so they formed extremist groups aiming to overthrow the government. As a response, the government set up a group of police named Shinsengumi, whose main responsibilities were to keep Kyoto safe and to restrain active extremist groups.

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